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How do I actually hook up such an replica fairing ???

This question probably all place themselves for the first time with an accessory fairing, all the same from wich manufacturer, to do gotten. As much in front, without small a fate little relating to crafts here nothing at all does not go. You need at least a small hand drill and file or a rough sandingpaper, as well a few screws, nuts etc..  But if you have all this things together the assembly should not to be a big problem for you. On our experiences an untrained customer needs  1-2 hour for the fitting of an complete fairing with tail section.  

And so is it for instance to do

1. Sections unpack , check for completeness and transport damages

2. Sections assemble at the bike for a test, easy spannings are normal and material conditioned

3. In the sections wich can be installed (headlights, turn signal...) install

4. Re-used original sections assemble to the bike

5. Assemble our sections together out of the bike

6. Assemble our sections to the re-used original sections

7. Fairing align and fastening spots of our sections to the bike mark and bore

 8. Fairing completely install

9. Install the windshild

9. remove all, grind anneal and paint